How Marketers Can Prepare For AI-powered Marketing 

By Joe Stanhope, VP and principal analyst at Forrester  As a longstanding staple of science fiction and academic research, AI isn’t new. What’s different today is its shift into practical, consumer-facing applications. AI does real things for real people. For example, it quietly makes many of our daily tasks possible, such as shopping on […]

How a degree in theology led to a career in marketing for Slack’s top marketer

Slack’s head of global marketing came to her career in an unusual way. Unlike many marketers who hold business and marketing degrees, Kelly Watkins earned degrees in theology from Abilene Christian University. When asked about her start in marketing, Watkins said she is fascinated by the ways people build systems […]

Marketing Leadership: How to Step Up in Uncertain Times

Marketing,Leadership:,How,to,Step,Up,in,Uncertain,Times Uncertainty makes life colorful; too much of it, though, breeds doubt — even fear. Over the past few years, I have been working with global companies on their transformation efforts in the face of disruption. I’ve noticed that collective fears of the unknown can create paralysis. As I’ve navigated […]

Is Text Messaging The Next Frontier In Marketing For The Legal Industry?

Attorneys are now using SMS (short message service) to communicate with clients and prospects. Before you start thinking that lawyers are on the cusp of a cutting-edge communications style, let me remind you that SMS is also known as text messaging. You may be wondering, “how does an article about texting […]

Marketing Growth Hacks for the ‘Fake News’ Era

In this “fake news” era, entrepreneurs are facing a growing problem among consumers: credibility. Edelman’s 2017 Trust Barometer reported a global drop in trust across businesses and media. And millennials surveyed are especially skeptical. The McCarthy Group’s Engaging Millennials: Trust and Attention survey found that only around 10 percent of […]