The 5 best exercises for your body, according to a Harvard professor of medicine

The best exercise for your body is a hotly-disputed topic but now I-Min Lee, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, has waded in with five recommendations. The suggestions can be found in a Harvard Medical School health report called Starting To Exercise, reports the Independent. Here are the five types […]

How To Measure Body Fat

Apart from looking in the mirror, stepping on the scales remains the most common method people use for checking on the progress of their exercise regime. However, while weight is undoubtedly a useful measure of fitness for many people, it can also be misleading to judge the effects solely by […]

Tiny ‘Fitbits’ to Keep Tabs on the Body From Within

HIGHLIGHTS This technology could be tested in people within two years – researchers The sensors, called “motes,” are about the size of a sand grain The transistors inside it record body’s neural activity Scientists are developing dust-sized wireless sensors implanted inside the body to track neural activity in real-time, offering […]