For a healthy heart and long life, munch on a variety of nuts everyday

If you’re looking for superfoods to remain healthy, this is it. Include nuts in your diet plan. Eating five weekly servings of walnuts, peanuts or other kinds of tree nuts was linked to a 14% lower risk of cardiovascular disease, and a 20% lower risk of fatal complications due to hardened arteries, said […]

Time to Be active: Why children want to begin being concerned approximately Their coronary heart

A healthful lifestyle isn’t always an overnight miracle. it’s far a practice that one desires to undertakewith sincerity and comply with it on a daily basis and through the years. Doing so can assist in avertingsome of illnesses consisting of heart disease, high blood sugar, obesity, high blood pressure and […]

Sedentary life-style terrible for children’ heart

Representational photograph (AP photograph) LONDON: Low tiers of bodily hobby, weaker physical fitness and obesity may lead to arterial stiffness, asign of cardiovascular diseases, even in primary faculty children, says a look at. The findings advocate that a lifestyle intervention in childhood can reduce the risk of cardiovasculardiseases later in […]

healthy lifestyle may additionally cut quick coronary heart dangers in Diabetics

simply months of healthful dwelling instructions can considerably reduce the threat of not unusualdiabetes complications, which includes cardiovascular ailment, stroke, limb amputation and microvascularcomplications, says a look at.At gift, almost 30 million humans within the US suffer from diabetes and one in 3 from pre-diabetes. network–based totally interventions provide social […]

Samsung Angles for Spot at heart of linked lifestyles

South Korean patron electronics giant Samsung on Thursday wooed app makers as it pursued aimaginative and prescient of being on the heart of existence in a hyper-linked international. “Coding is the important thing to the destiny,” Samsung Electronics mobile communications businesspresident Dongjin Koh said on the company‘s annual builders convention […]

‘heart attack (now not sunstroke)’: Telangana can be undercounting warmness deaths

At the beginning of April, as temperatures soared in Telangana, the nation government launched a fileannouncing that 66 human beings had died because of the warmth wave. weeks later, it backtracked, pegging the wide variety at just 19 instead. The authorities’s clarification was affordable. The numbers pronounced first of all […]

American Heart Association’s National Walking Day celebrated in Wheeling

Since 2007, the American Heart Association has recognized the first Wednesday in April as National Walking Day. Today, a few local organizations are holding an event to help raise awareness in their community. According to the AHA, 69 percent of adults are considered obese, and folks at Oglebay, Wheeling Park […]

20 Postures For A Healthy Heart

Yoga is the art of reposing in different postures while keeping focus on the breath. As a result, every yoga posture has a particular effect on the respiratory system; and therefore affecting the heart as well. The following postures begin with mild ones, gradually increasing to more demanding ones that […]