Don’t Have Time? Here Are Some Quick Workout And Diet Tips To Lose Belly Fat!

With increasing workloads across industries and an almost 24×7 work schedule, people are finding less and less time available for exercise and fitness. A lot of people now have majorly sedentary lifestyles which translate to increasing waistlines, due to minimal physical activity and irregular diet patterns. Fat around the stomach […]

Five Dumb Marketing Strategies That Will Guarantee You’ll Lose Money

High-character marketing is profitable marketing. But if your business is doing too well, consider using the following five marketing strategies that will anger current customers, alienate potential ones and dent your shining reputation. 1. As Soon As Someone You Don’t Know Connects With You On Social Media, Send Them A Pitch […]

The Franchise Way To Lose Weight

If you watch any amount of television in January, it’s impossible to escape commercials from companies offering to help you lose weight – and change your life. (Or, change your life by losing weight?) What is it with those poorly Photoshopped “before and after” pictures that are always queued up […]

Tobacco companies lose European court docket fight over bloc’s packaging law

The court docket said the ecu measures from 2014, which include a demand that health warnings cover65% of cigarette packs, don’t move ‘beyond the bounds of what is suitable and vital’. Photograph: Bloomberg Luxembourg/London: Cigarette makers Philip Morris Worldwide Inc., Imperial Manufacturers % and British American Tobacco Percent (BAT) misplaced […]

Unattended brands lose value

With the United Kingdom declining India’s request to deport UB Organization chairman Vijay Mallya who left the country on 2 March, creditors to his grounded Kingfisher Airways may be deliberating more moderenapproaches to recover the more than Rs.nine,000 crore he owes them. To make certain, their recovery efforts ultimate fortnight […]

top seven blue-chip corporations lose Rs 32,219 crore in m-cap

Mumbai: Amid weakening shares, the mixed market capitalisation of the pinnacle seven blue-chip corporationstanked by way of Rs 32,219 crore closing week, with loan organization HDFC taking the most importanthit. while ITC, ONGC, Infosys, HDFC financial institution, Bharti Airtel, HUL and HDFC witnessed losses in their market value, TCS, RIL […]