Is Eating Water Better Than Drinking It? Here’s How To Include Edible H20 In Your Diet

Reams have been written about the significance of drinking water. Regular water intake is essential to our health as our body does not really have a fixed reservoir of water and keeps losing it in the form of urine and sweat. Adequate water supply also helps maintain smooth functioning of some […]

Why the Bombay High Court questioning of the IPL’s use of water is wrong on several counts

Much of our discourse is made up of false binaries and the Bombay High Court served up a doozy the other day. Hearing a Public Interest Litigation against Indian Premier League cricket matches being held in Maharashtra, the judges sternly asked representatives of the Board of Control for Cricket in […]

Why Arvind Kejriwal must realise that Latur isn’t the only place desperately in need of water

The water train to Latur has captured everyone’s attention. As a train carrying 5 lakh litres of water trundled into Latur station on Tuesday morning, news cameras were there to record the moment. After long weeks of seeing Marathwada’s drought crisis go from bad to worse, here was some relief […]