Ineligible candidates have applied, we will verify eligibility before allotment: BFUHS vice-chancellor

The admission process for MBBS and BDS courses in the state has courted confusion and controversy this year. Questions over eligibility, students submitting fake NEET result cards and the release of —what students presumed were two merit lists — on June 29 and on July 17, have marred the process […]

study famous Why We might also want to exercising more Than Our mother and father Ever Did

in case you are round 25 years antique and suffering with weight gain, you would need to consumeeven less and exercising extra than your dad and mom did after they had been younger. according to arecent observe carried out via the group at York university, Toronto, Canada, older human beings […]

have to We flip to a Stone-Age weight reduction to stay match and wholesome?

Amid all the rush to find a balanced weight reduction that can keep one wholesome, save you from earlygrowing older and kiss way of life–prompted illnesses a good-bye, cutting-edge calorie-counters in India have observed a brand new fad: eat the way our ancestors ate.The Paleolithic, caveman or Stone Ageweightloss — […]