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Apple’s big service launches hold few opportunities for marketers

Apple CEO Tim Cook explains how new service offerings will work hand in hand with the company’s hardware and software While Apple’s big event Monday didn’t disappoint when it came to glitz, glamour or even new offerings, services like Apple News+, Apple Card, Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ will be largely, if
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Lowest mortgage rates in over a year could give home buyers confidence

Average U.S. mortgage rates have been falling. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)   Mortgage rates are at the lowest in more than a year, with the 30-year fixed rate now averaging 4.28%. This is according to weekly data compiled by Freddie Mac. The last time rates were this low was February 2018, and
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Three Higher Education Proposals to Watch from the White House

Over the last three weeks, Washington has seen a flurry of activity around federal higher education policy. Updates to the Negotiated Rulemaking schedule will extend the negotiations on higher education accreditation and innovation into early April. The House Committee on Education & Labor held their first hearing on college costs, with four more hearings
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Just 10 Minutes of Exercise a Week May Be Enough to Extend Your Life, Study Says

Exercising for just 10 minutes a week is linked to a longer life, according to a new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Several recent studies have found that even low-intensity exercise, done for a short amount of time, can have a meaningful impact on health. Still, the idea that exercising for 10 minutes
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7 Small Business Ideas For Bengaluru

If you are reading this article, you have most likely thought of starting a small business of your own and become your own boss. However, just the desire to start a business will not suffice. Running a business takes a lot of dedication and passion, and above all an idea
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House price falls could spill over into small business, financial regulators warn

In its second quarterly statement, the Council of Financial Regulators said it would closely monitor lending to small business and urged banks to maintain the supply of credit to the sector. New lending to small business has slowed noticeably over the past year, and the situation was being complicated by
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How Small Businesses Can Impact The Economy Of Developing Country Like India?

Entrepreneurship plays a vital role in the economic growth and standard of living in the country. As a start-up founder or small business owner, you may think that you are working hard to build your own business and provide for yourself and your family. But you’re doing an entire heap
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DNA-based marketing: The next big thing?

Forget data and AI: Marketers of the future are looking beyond the next few years and setting their sights firmly on the opportunities opened up by human DNA. ‘Genetic marketing’ is the next big thing, with marketers gaining access to DNA test results seen as the new frontier of targeting
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Every Little Move You Make Can Help Your Health, Study Says

Lovers of vigorous exercise aren’t the only ones who get health benefits from physical activity. Lower-key workouts — even activities you’d never think of as exercise — can also improve your well-being, studies find. Now, new research published in JAMA Network Open shows just how impactful any type of movement can be. Compared to women
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Easy Steps To Better Data Privacy In Your Small Business

Is anything private in business anymore? Consider the consumer information businesses collect digitally. Or think about all the video cameras posted everywhere. Your smartphone even includes cameras, you know? So data privacy remains a big concern. Large corporations like Facebook and Google disclose daily examples of data breaches. So as
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Branding vs Marketing: Innovative Solutions In Today’s Digital Marketplace

Maciej Duraj I created this graphic taking open source images and screenshots of images from companies’ websites and putting them together in my own fashion (with added graphic design of my own making).MACIEJ DURAJ I have recently covered branding in terms of digital linking of company name and products to specific links
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Why Small Business Owners are Banking on P2P Lending

The internet revolution followed by the development of the sharing economy has slowly and surely changed the way we eat, communicate, live and travel. Now Fintech has come to the rescue of small business owners starved for much-needed credit. A new form of lending through crowdfunding is fast becoming a
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