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The silent demon in our Lifestyle

An increasing number of younger individuals are being diagnosed with hyperacidity, and this can be attributed to improper diet, lifestyle, and sleeping habits. While the root of hyperacidity lies in unhealthy lifestyle choice and eating and sleeping habits, it can lead to food aversion, low confidence levels, and depression and
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Is It Better To Buy A Home With Cash Or A Mortgage?

The idea of living mortgage-free can be particularly enticing for individuals nearing retirement. At this time, it’s also common for empty-nesters to consider selling the large family home in favor of a smaller property or condo that’s easier to maintain. Homeowners who have lived in a house for a long
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Manage Your Small Business With Plutio—Now 94% Off

The Details https://shop.inverse.com/sales/plutio-studio-plan-lifetime-subscription?utm_source=inverse.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=plutio-studio-plan-lifetime-subscription&utm_term=scsf-322757&utm_content=a0x1P000004H7iu&scsonar=1 Perfect for freelancers and small businessVisualize projects, tasks, time tracking, and invoicing Drag and drop doc creation Integrated team and client messaging and emailing Why You Want It If you’re a freelancer or small business, chances are you’d rather not have to come up
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Why Purpose-Driven Marketing Needs A Data-Backed Approach

Today, brand purpose has become so ubiquitous that complacent companies are falling behind their purpose-driven competitors from a consumer standpoint. In parallel with the shifting demands of the public, investors and other stakeholders — who expect brands to stand for a cause that’s bigger than their products or offerings —
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How Small Businesses Thrive in a Big-Box Economy

National chains have enamored customers with repeat online auto-ship discounts, grocery pickup services all to make consumer transactions convenient. So how can small businesses compete? By taking a different approach. These days, consumers can pick up their groceries without ever entering a supermarket and schedule repeat shipments of their pet’s
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Mortgage refinance boom goes bust as rates shift higher

A turnaround in interest rates turned borrowers back on their heels last week, deflating a quick boom in refinance demand. Mortgage application volume fell 5.6% from the previous week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association’s seasonally adjusted index. Applications were still 24% higher compared with the same week one year
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Travel ban takes its toll on small businesses

Shahab Mothena, co-owner of Amir Deli in Brooklyn, is waiting for his Yemeni wife, currently living in Egypt, to be issued a visa.  – Nina Roberts for Marketplace Originally signed into effect in January 2017, the travel ban — an executive action by President Trump — restricts U.S. entry for citizens of seven
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Why Email Marketing Beats Social Media Every Time

When the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke last year, the average monthly Facebook ad spend dropped by a staggering 85%, going from $140,000 US in January 2018 to just $20,000 US by May. Big brands like SpaceX, Tesla, and Playboy made headlines by leaving the platform completely. Average spend rebounded within a few months
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Mortgage rates are low. Here’s how to figure out the best plan for your budget

The recent drop in mortgage rates may have you dreaming of buying a new home or refinancing your current house. You’re not alone. Housing sentiment has surged thanks to those low rates, according to government-sponsored mortgage giant Fannie Mae. Its monthly survey, released Monday, shows that positive sentiment in March jumped to
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Visa Gives Gig Workers A New Way To Get Paid…And Other Small Business Tech News This Week

Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them? 1 — Visa gives businesses new way to pay gig workers in real time. This week, Visa announced the introduction of Card Payouts—an app built to support card capture,
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Paid social, even print tops SEM as marketing priorities for SMBs, survey finds

Google has spent years building out a third party partner/reseller network focused on small businesses (SMBs). And while there have always been ROI (perception) and retention challenges with AdWords, a new survey from BrandMuscle suggests paid search is being deprioritized by SMBs in their overall marketing mix. Paid social top channel,
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What should our maximum heart rate be during exercise?

You have your runners on, your FitBit is charged, but now what? When you exercise, your heart and breathing rates increase, delivering greater quantities of oxygen from the lungs to the blood, then to exercising muscles. What is the ideal maximum heart rate during exercise?CREDIT:STOCKSY Determining an optimal heart rate