1. Spice up your food with these easy temperings!

Tadka or tempering is typical to Indian cuisine. It adds an additional dose of aroma and taste to the recipe. The style of putting takda has a lot to do with the final taste of a dish. The tadka varies from region to region and from dish to dish. Tadka is applied by heating ghee or oil, throwing in some seeds or chopped ginger, onion, tomato or garlic and then adding it to the food. Here is a look at 10 different types of tadkas than can add that magical touch to your food.

2. Turmeric and Tomato

In Gujarati recipes, the tadka of turmeric, tomato and heeng is common.

3. Panch-phoran

The most common Bengali tadka is panch poran. Panchporan is a mix of spices namely, fennel, carom seeds, fenugreek, onion seeds and mustard seeds. This tadka uses only mustard oil.

4. Oil and garlic

Boiled chana daal is usually tempered with this kind of tadka. Heat one teaspoon oil. Add chopped garlic and allow it to brown. Add this to the daal.

5. Curry-patta and chana dal

It essentially means a tadka of curry patta, split black gram, mustard seeds and chana daal. It gives both aroma and crunch to the recipe.

6. Red chilli and mustard seeds

In several Bihari recipes a tadka of whole red chillies, mustard seeds and sometimes garlic is used.

7. Heeng and oil

One teaspoon oil is heated and then heeng powder is added. Once the heeng starts giving out smoke, the tadka is put in the dish which is immediately covered. It is usually put in non-veg dishes and curried vegetables.

8. Onion-tomato

The typical Punjabi tadka is made of onion, tomato and green chillies. Sometimes ginger, garlic or cumin seeds are also added to this.

9. Garam masala

The Kashmiri food and the Mughlai cuisine uses tadka of whole garam masalas like cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and bay leaves.

10. Oil and jeera

Heat one teaspoon oil in a ladle and add one teaspoon cumin seeds. Once they begin to crackle, add them to the dish. It is usually put in daals.

11. Panch phoran and red chilles

The most common tadka popular in Assam is that of onion, panch phoran and whole red chilles.