Toward the end of every year, I ask CEOs, CMOs, authors, executive recruiters, and other experts from a variety of industries and backgrounds to weigh in on what will be hot for marketers in the upcoming year. From cybersecurity to AI to social media to impact in the boardroom, this year’s predictions do not disappoint.

2018 Will Be The Year Of AI: Actual Intelligence, Not Artificial Intelligence (yet). Mike Marcellin, Chief Marketing Officer, Juniper Networks

A Salesforce survey reported that Artificial Intelligence use among marketers will grow more than 50 percent in the next two years. While AI holds promise for marketing, I think we’re a few years away from AI having material impact on marketing outcomes. In 2018, we’ll see Actual Intelligence – enabled by analytics and automation – take the place of guesswork and allow marketers to be more targeted and quickly pivot as they identify tactics that move the needle.

CMOs Will Become The Center Of Enterprise Influencer Marketing Campaigns. Josh Steimle, Founder, MWI

57% of CMOs have been in the role less than 3 years. It’s the lowest average tenure in the entire C-suite. When Forbes released its report, The World’s 50 Most Influential CMOs 2017, a quick analysis showed that these CMOs had average tenures 61% longer than their peers. For this and other reasons, I predict CMOs will take a much more public stance in 2018, invest in their personal brands, and leverage their personal brands to promote their companies.

CMOs Will Finally Earn Their Place In The BoardroomGreg Welch, Partner, Spencer Stuart

As consumers become more empowered to influence brand reputations, corporate boards will recognize the need to add CMOs to their ranks. Tomorrow’s boards will bring along the next generation of digitally savvy omnichannel marketing pros to help shape an organization’s strategic direction. The number of active CMOs on boards to date has been minimal, but that is about to change – and it will be a perfect forum for marketers to prove their value.

Traditional Marketing Campaigns Will Die As Marketers Move To Modular MarketingScott Levine, SVP Marketing Strategy, KERN, An Omnicom Agency

Rather than building nearly identical campaigns, marketers will move to a central “living” framework for Modular Marketing, replacing themes, offers and messages within the framework. As marketing technology traverses the adoption curve, the evolution of Modular Marketing will continue, enabling organizations to optimize contact plans or broad awareness directives with replaceable modular themes, offers, messages, and technologically shiny new objects such as AI, AR & VR.

Through the Internet of Things, CMOs Will Have Greater Impact Than Ever On Product Success And Client Satisfaction With The Brand. Deon Newman, CMO, IBM Watson Internet of Things

The Internet of Things will give CMOs more impact on product success and client brand satisfaction. For the first time in 100 years in product manufacturing, marketers will gain direct access to customers and how they are using connected products. Teams will begin leveraging these insights to not only price, package, position and build products based on their preferences, but to introduce additional solutions and services delivered via the connection that add to their experience.

Employees Will Be The New Influencers. Margaret Molloy, Global CMO, Siegel+Gale

In an era when your people are your brand, marketing leaders will finally recognize that an engaged workforce is critical. Our research shows companies who invest in simplifying their workplace benefit from greater employee trust, advocacy, innovation and retention. Simple workplaces communicate clearly and clarify how employees’ roles impact customer relationships to drive business results. In their quest to build brand champions at every level, savvy leaders will foster clear internal communication, where transparency is fundamental.