A kettlebell can be added to almost all your exercises (Thinkstock)A kettlebell can be added to almost all your exercises (Thinkstock)
If you’re looking to try something new in the gym, switch from the treadmill or cross trainer to the kettlebell. An oval shaped cast iron ball, this embraces the ‘lift and swing’ method to help you tone up and lose the extra flab. Once used as a training tool in Russia, the kettlebell has caught the fancy of Hollywood celebs – Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill, Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman and several others, who have reportedly tried it and liked it. Promising a full-body movement that allows for more calorie burn, this could be just what you need after spending long hours at the office. Here are a few moves to try. Increase the reps based on your fitness levels…

1) Lifts and swings: Placing the bell on the ground, let your heels slowly rise while puling the kettlebell upwards toward you. Now, lower your back and replace it on the ground. To do a swing, while standing up straight, grab the handle of the kettlebell and swing it in front (in a line), while crunching the core (keeping it tight). This helps tone the arms and reduces flab.

2) Shoulder press: Stand with your feet slightly apart. Pick up the kettlebells and take them up to the sides of your shoulders. Raise them upwards until your arms are extended overhead, exhaling as you do so. Lower the kettlebells to the starting position and repeat. This works to build strength in your shoulders and triceps.

3) Squat: To do a deep squat, place the kettlebell between your legs, hold it turn it in your hand and bring it up to shoulder level. Lift it over your head and do a shoulder press.

Experts peg the calorie burn as 300 calories for every 20-minute kettlebell session.