1. Cooking in microwave can be fun!

Do you regret buying your microwave? Is it uselessly lying on your shelf, used occasionally only for warming food? You can actually cook some delicious recipes in the microwave and that too in half the usual time. Since this type of oven uses intense heat applied to the food from all the sides, the cooking is even and quick. And if you know your oven and its temperatures, your food cooked this way will never dry up and in fact turn out to be quite moist and delicious. So, use your oven not just for drying herbs, roasting nuts, heating food and boiling potatoes, but also for cooking delicious cakes, making scrumptious biryanis, roasting delectable kebabs and doling out amazing custards. Try out from our list of delightful recipes. But remember, temperature and time varies in different microwaves.

2. Chocolate Cake

If you think making a Chocolate Cake is a daunting task, you are sure to be surprised as this easy cake can be prepared in just 5 minutes! So if you have forgotten to order a cake for your friend’s birthday, make one on your own in just 5 minutes. You can decorate with cream, powdered sugar and nuts. You can also make this cake using whole wheat flour and jaggery. It tastes equally good. On days you have not planned your kids lunch, this microwave cake can come to your rescue.

3. Stuffed Tomatoes

A scrumptious vegetarian recipe loaded with highly nutritious veggies, Microwave Stuffed Tomatoes is an easy dish that you can prepare in half an hour. This vegetarian recipe comes in handy for working people, who don’t have much time to prepare their lunch/dinner. It can be best enjoyed with a butter naan/pudina paratha and even the simple chapatis. Try this easy-to-make recipe.

4. Rava Idli

Idli is a popular South Indian snack recipe made with rice or semolina (Sooji) and yoghurt. This healthy snack recipe is a good option to serve on special occasions and get togethers and is paired with sambhar and coconut chutney! Try out this quick and easy recipe in your breakfast and you’ll love the yummy taste.

5. Cheese Omelette

Microwave Cheese Omelette is an easy recipe to have during midnight hunger pangs. This Cheese Omelette recipe will never disappoint you with its mouth-watering taste! A traditional French recipe, this omelette is made using eggs, milk, butter and lots of cheese. It is a perfect breakfast recipe and kids will definitely love to eat it!

6. Spinach Soup

Best served with croutons, Microwave Spinach Soup is a healthy and nutritious appetizer recipe that you can enjoy in all seasons. Try this easy soup recipe and people of all age groups will love it.