Parties at home need to be organised keeping in mind what most people enjoy. A good organiser knows well how to keep the guests entertained well with card games, food and the right choice of music.

Here are some of the games most commonly played in household parties and why they are so popular:


The main challenge in a party is to keep everyone who has arrived busy and entertained. This is the reason housie or lotto is a good game choice. Countless people get to play at a time. In this game, everyone is given a ticket that contains certain numbers randomly picked from the range from 0 to 90. Whoever has the called-out number crosses it out. Prizes are distributed based on who completes the too, middle and bottom line first. Apart from that, there are prizes for full house as well. The beauty of the game is that there is no restriction on the number of players. Hence, this is an ideal game even in-house parties and major events.


Another fun game that is sure to be a part of most Indian parties is Antakshari. In this game, songs need to be sung from the last letter of the song sung by the opponent. The game may either be played between individuals or between teams. The choice needs to be made based on the number of people present.

Passing the Parcel

This is one of the common games played in most parties and get togethers. The game is particularly famous because it can be played by people of all ages. Each time the music stops, the person holding the parcel has to perform the forfeit mentioned. This goes on till the final player gets the parcel which is the gift for the winner. It is an instant hit in all parties because the game is really easy to understand.

Dumb Charades

This is an excellent team game where two teams can compete against each other. The opponent team gives one member of your team a movie name that you must enact to the remaining team members. If your team manages to guess the movie, you get a point. Otherwise, the opponent team scores. The main fun in the game is when each team member tries to enact movie names to his team members.

Indian Rummy

When there is a card players’ meet, there could be no game as amusing as a round of ultimate rummy card game. The game is easy to grasp even for people who do not know this game. Another merit this game offers is that the number of players is flexible. It is easy to organise a session of rummy with friends or dear ones.

Chinese Whisper

If you want your party to be really fun, Chinese Whisper is a game that you must include in your agenda. The game requires you to pass a secret message to the next member in the chain. The last member will speak out the secret message openly and see how much it has varied from the initial message. The person in the sequence who first said the message wrongly will have to do a forfeit. In this game it is fun to hear all the wrong messages.