1. Best breakfasts for weight loss!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It has been scientifically established that rightly chosen breakfast contributes the most in weight loss. It is that one meal of the day which can make or mar your efforts in losing those extra kilos. It is very important that your breakfast is rich, wholesome and loaded with nutrition. It is advisable to have a protein packed breakfast that keeps you satiated through the day. But if you are planing to slim down, avoid unnecessary fats and sugars in your breakfast. Here is a list of seven healthy breakfasts recommended by nutritionists that will definitely aid in losing those unwanted inches.

2. Egg Salad Sandwich

There can be nothing more filling than an egg sandwich. A right combination of carbs, greens and protein, this is the best thing to have on a busy day. This easy sandwich will keep you satiated for long and will also bring down your cravings. Try this easy-to-make breakfast recipe.

3. Cheesy Spinach Salad

A great side dish to the meals, this Cheesy Spinach Salad is rich in vitamins and minerals. Spinach lowers cholesterol and is a rich source of protein, zinc, fiber, folate, iron and many more. If you are diet conscious and want something tasty, easy-to-cook and nutritious, this is the best option. It is a light meal in itself for when you aren’t too hungry. Since no cooking is involved, this easy and quick recipe is a bliss for the ones who do not enjoy cooking much.

4. Spicy Quinoa and Oats Porridge

Rich in fibre and protein, Spicy Quinoa and Oats Porridge is an easy-to-make breakfast recipe for a weekend. Prepared using oats, quinoa, peas, onions, tomatoes and a few spices, this simple recipe is light on stomach and can be digested easily. You will be surprised to know that this one dish can cover your daily quota of nutrients. Pack the dish in kid’s lunchbox and they will finish it in no time. Try it for your friends and family and enjoy with your loved ones!

5. Oats Upma

Oats Upma is a combination of oats, chana dal, curry leaves and a variety of veggies. This South Indian recipe is a healthy and a tummy filling recipe to kick start your day with. It is a tasty and an easy-to-make breakfast recipe which would be loved by kids as well as adults.

6. Veg Curd Sandwich

Veg Curd Sandwich is an easy-to-make breakfast recipe. Made with hung curd and fresh veggies, this delicious and quick recipe can be packed into your kid’s lunchbox. Rich in fibre and proteins, this healthy recipe is also suggested for people looking forward to weight loss. Try this amazingly delicious breakfast recipe that can be made in minutes.

7. Multi-grain Chilla

If you’re bored with the regular breakfasts and want something different yet delicious, then Multi-grain Chilla to the rescue! Multi-grain Chilla is an easy breakfast recipe made with wheat flour, gram flour and black millet flours. Here’s an instant, crispy and perfect filling recipe to accompany your tea or for a quick breakfast on a lazy weekend morning. This tasty recipe can be served with green chutney or tomato ketchup. It is a quick recipe and will not take much of your time.Try it and enjoy!

8. Shredded Chicken Salad

Looking for a low carb salad which is satiating too? This Shredded Chicken Salad is the perfect thing to have when you are on a diet. Rich in lean protein, vitamin and minerals, this chicken salad is a complete meal in itself and a must try for those who are looking for a healthy recipe. This easy chicken recipe can be made in minutes and is ideal not just for breakfast, but also as lunch or dinner. Try it on days you feel to tired to cook an elaborate meal or on days you are inviting guests for lunch or dinner.