Reliance Jio’s Bay of Bengal Gateway subsea cable community unfold over eight,a hundred km is now operational. The community has been constructed via six telcos to address excessive bandwidthdemands of emerging technology and applications.

here are 7 things to realize about a subsea cable network and why it is critical.

1) what’s a submarine cable community?

A submarine communications network are cables laid on the sea mattress for telecommunication signals. Ithelps switch statistics through land-based totally stations across stretches of ocean connectingextraordinary continents. the primary submarine communications cables, laid inside the 1850s, carried telegraphy site visitors. subsequent generations of cables carried smartphone site visitors and now thesecables convey information communications visitors. modern-day cables use optical fiber technology to hold digital statistics, which incorporates cellphone, net and personal information traffic.

2) Why are submarine cables critical?

normally, submarine cable networks are taken into consideration to be more dependable as there aremore than one such networks that carry voice and facts site visitors. until 2006, overseas satellite linksaccounted for one consistent with cent of global visitors, even as the the rest changed into carried by way of undersea cables. the entire carrying capacity of submarine cables is inside the terabits in step with 2d, whilst satellites commonly offer simplest one thousand megabits according to 2d and displayhigher latency. but, an ordinary multi-terabit, transoceanic submarine cable device charges numeroushundred million bucks to construct.

three) How are those cable systems built?

normally those subsea cable structures are constructed by using consortia or group of corporations in the communications business. between 1999 and 2001, extra than $22 billion really worth of fundingturned into made in those networks.

4) Are more subsea networks being constructed in the Pacific Ocean now?

sure, lots more subsea cables are being laid inside the Pacific Ocean in comparison to in advance timeswhilst most of the cable links had been built between Europe and North americaacross the Atlantic.

five) what is the Bay of Bengal Gateway all about?

The subsea cable network is owned via six worldwide telecom behemoths — conversation Axiata of Sri Lanka, Etisalat of the United Arab Emirates, Omantel of Sultanate of Oman, Reliance JioInfocomm of India, Telekom Malaysia Berhadof Malaysia and Vodafone of the United Kingdom. construction of the subsea cable device commenced in might also 2013.

6) Why is it so vital?

the brand new subsea cable gadget has been constructed as a right away trunk connection among Barka in Oman and Penang in Malaysia. the brand new cable gadget will complement the information wearingability of these telecom operators who presently rely upon the cable structures of others.

7) Can subsea cable system be damaged?

Cables can be damaged by way of fishing trawlers, anchors, earthquakes or even shark bites.