Whether you realize it or not, artificial intelligence has become a ubiquitous part of our lives. Companies large and small are embracing the opportunity to achieve more and set bigger goals by using AI. Solid proof of this embrace can be seen in CRM giant Salesforce, which embeds AI into its leading CRM platform. Driven by the idea of democratizing AI so companies of all sizes can deliver smarter, more personalized, and predictive customer experiences, Salesforce created Einstein, your personal AI data scientist to guide you through your day.

As Senior VP of SMB marketing at Salesforce, Marie Rosecrans focuses on empowering small and medium-sized businesses with the tools and resources they need to grow. Marie joined Salesforce 10 years ago in marketing and customer success, and now leads the SMB marketing team. Today, she’s sharing with us more about Einstein and what AI means for SMBs.

Tell me what Salesforce is doing for businesses with AI.

We’re making AI accessible to every company and every business user by removing complexity. We want to empower every Salesforce user with AI where they work; that’s why we launched Einstein in the first place. Einstein’s customizable models learn from every interaction to deliver valuable insights and predictions to companies of all sizes. The best part is that this is all done automatically — you don’t need a team of data scientists working in the background.

I think of Salesforce as a solution for big companies, so what is the AI use case for small businesses?

We want to give companies of all sizes the technology they need to do more with less, and ultimately grow faster and smarter. But we know many small businesses think breakthrough technologies like AI aren’t for them. In fact, we conducted a report that found 61 percent of small business owners believe their businesses aren’t ready for AI, citing that it’s too complex for what they need. At Salesforce, we want to change that perception.

The truth is, people are still learning what AI really is and how it can work for them. That’s where Einstein comes into play. The technology is now embedded in every single product we have, in a very natural way. It’s not another thing small businesses have to try and figure out; it’s right where they are and right where they work.

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