Our Approach is Never Competition Centric but One of Customer Obsession: Srinivasa Rao, Lifestyle International

Lifestyle, a popular fashion destination, has launched a new television commercial, reiterating its commitment to trendsetters with a rich and exciting collection, created to enhance experiences for people who refuse to merely follow trends, but rather strive to become trendsetters.

The campaign taps into this generation’s raw energy and attitude towards fashion and explores global trends and contemporary styles that have taken the center- stage. The theme revolves around the concept of whatever your mood or persona is, Lifestyle has #GotIt and relays the tale of fashion and celebration conjoining to create an unforgettable experience. The story captures different avatars of the urban youth who are sophisticated, chic, cool and casual; but are also traditional.

AdAge India decided to speak with Srinivasa Rao, Senior Vice President- Marketing, Lifestyle International to know more about the brand and their marketing plans.

Q. With the current ad, how does the brand intend to break the clutter created by other fashion brands?
Our youth-centric campaign aptly named #GotIt showcases some of the biggest fashion trends of the season from across the globe. The collection is versatile and designed keeping in mind the consumers’ partiality towards experimenting with their looks, their affinity towards social media and expressing their individualism. The TVC reiterates Lifestyle’s positioning as a young, fashionable brand in the minds of the evolved omni-channel fashion shopper. It seamlessly brings to life trends across all touch points of every fashion journey – including online, mobile, in-store, and social media.

Q. What was the creative thought behind the film?
The new creative Campaign ‘#GotIt’ embraces the defining moments of fashion and great style that resonates with the uber-cool, urban youth. Inspired by the attitude and global spirit that empowers the generation, the TVC taps into the youth lingo of ‘#GotIt’. The campaign also reaffirms Lifestyle’s commitment to the latest trends and the best of fashion with a curated collection designed for incredible experiences. The TVC is highly styled, recreating the choices that await consumers at Lifestyle – an exploration of the different avatars leading to the thrilling ‘#GotIt’ moment. Keeping in tune with contemporary fashion and visual storytelling sensibilities, the brands latest TVC plays out Lifestyle’s curated collection in an impactful and engaging way.

Q. What is the marketing strategy for the brand?
Our marketing strategy is based on the core promise of the brand, Lifestyle – which is “Your Style. Your Store”. Lifestyle believes that every individual has their own personal style statement and that as a brand, we enable them to express their style effortlessly. All our efforts are towards building Lifestyle as a brand that consistently delivers on this promise by the effective deconstruction of fashion and beauty trends and curating looks at every available touch point.

We spend between 2 & 3% of sales on marketing.

Q. What is the positioning of Lifestyle International?
Lifestyle is positioned as a vibrant, youthful brand that adds style to one’s life. In other words, it is a style enabler. The ‘typical Lifestyle’ consumer is the urban male and female, between 18 to 34 years old, upper mid, NCCS A1, A2

Q. What advertising platforms are used by Lifestyle International?
At Lifestyle, our advertising approach is always 360 degrees. From high impact print media campaigns to TVCs and digital-first brand campaigns – the advertising platform is determined by the marketing objective. We are also particularly proud of a huge battery of influencers and YouTubers who work with us because they believe in the brands that we have and our purpose.

Q. Which advertising platforms give you the most ROI?
From paid advertising to content marketing and SEO, our marketing endeavors have yielded positive ROI based on our objective.

Q. How has the audiences for the Lifestyle evolved?
Consumers today are constantly on the lookout for a retail experience that is unique. With an abundance of knowledge made available to consumers through social media, their affinity towards global trends has become a key growth driver for the segment. Ease of availability of international trends across multiple platforms coupled with rising affluence and an increase in disposable income has enabled consumers to exercise their power of choice and their expectations of having the best of fashion and trends. Added to the mix are aspiration and accessibility – the ease with which today’s consumers can shop across channels, including online stores. Lifestyle is a true omni-channel player with a country-wide presence across 74 stores, 44 cities and its online store lifestylstores.com where customers can shop from the convenience of their home.

Q. How are you competing with the online players who launch regular aggressive sales?
Our approach is never competition centric but one of customer obsession. Our endeavor is to improve our customer experience through the entire journey – from discovery to post-sale. We are committed to making the fashion experience of our customers truly unique, seamless and memorable by reducing friction at every touch point.

Q. What are the challenges that you face with the emergence of online players?
Retail is a growing industry with huge opportunities, both online and offline, and the large number of new entrants be it brick-and-mortar or e-commerce platforms are a testament to that. Every player in this industry brings their own strengths to the customers. Over the years Lifestyle has carved a niche for itself amongst consumers who are looking for international products and shopping experience – we specialize in product and concept innovation. Our strong private label offering and the power of choice that Lifestyle offers through a curated collection continues to distinguish us from the rest in the market.

Q. How has the aggressive marketing strategy of online players impacted your marketing strategy?
Lifestyle continues to grow by adding stores at the rate of one a month – for the next 20 months. We are present across 74 stores, 44 cities and have online store lifestylstores.com where customers can shop from the convenience of their home, and we deliver to over 18000 pin codes across the country. We are focused on our growth by delivering the best omni-channel experience for our customers.