What is the Biggest Obstacle to Moving Your Business to the Cloud? (POLL)

Moving your business to the cloud can make it and you more efficient. It also can help you connect and collaborate with others who aren’t necessarily right next to you.

Actually, there are plenty of benefits when moving your business to the cloud.

Of course, if it were so easy and without worry, you’d figure that every small business would be doing it by now. But that’s not the case. So obviously there is still some hesitancy on the part of some small business owners to trust their data and their business operations to cloud computing.

But why?

This week we’re asking the question, why are you waiting to move your business to the cloud? Is it a matter of time or is it just a matter of being unsure what’s involved? Are your concerns based on security issues? Or is it something else?

Let us know in the poll below and feel free to provide more details if you wish in the Comments section.

What is the biggest obstacle to moving your business to the cloud?