A Four-Part Agenda For A Well-Rounded Marketing Team Meeting

As chief marketing officer, I’ve been running marketing team meetings for many years, and I’ve watched the structure of these meetings evolve as my team grew, members came up with great ideas and we found what contributes to an effective and time-efficient meeting. I doubt there’s a one-size-fits-all meeting structure […]

Thinking of marketing with AI? Here are some strategies to consider

BUSINESSES need to grow, and in the digital age, it is important that growth happens quickly to drive impeccable sales results. Chief marketing officers (CMOs) have since resorted to digital tools and solutions to help them market businesses efficiently and effectively. Digital marketing has since become such a competitive space. […]

Marketing Automation & Data: 2 Contradictory Elements We Need to Discuss

“The year of automation is here!” “Don’t let your team manually do what should be automated.” “The one who still manages bids manually in Google Ads is wasting her time.” These and other like-minded sentiments are being uttered by PPCers who just a couple of short years ago were (rightfully) […]

Promises and pitfalls of voice technology in marketing

In the world of advertising, the competition for consumer attention is fierce – especially now when all methods of attracting attention have already been tried and all creative solutions have been invented. That’s when technologies come into play, there are new platforms for user interaction (smartphones with push notifications, applications, […]

What’s shaping travel marketing in 2020? Social media, connected TV and an always-on approach

Last year, in a survey of more than 600 travel marketers, digital marketing company Sojern found that personalization and social media were primary areas of focus for advertisers in 2019. For the second edition of the report – The Future of Travel Advertising: 2020 State of the Industry Report – Sojern nearly doubled the sample […]

Marketing in a slowdown

The Indian economy is in an undeniable slowdown. GDP growth rate has been slowing down for six quarters in a row. For an average marketer, the slowdown looks a tad confusing. In the past, slowdown was associated with high inflation, falling Sensex and currency depreciation. Nothing of that sort has […]