The common sense lifestyle eating plan is nothing but intermittent fasting, something which people have been unknowingly following for many years. Read here to know how intermittent fasting can replace all fad diets.

Common Sense Lifestyle Eating Plan: Why Lifestyle Coach Luke Coutinho Feels That It Will Replace All Fad DietsIntermittent fasting can make you feel healthier and ultimately lead to weight loss

The common sense and lifestyle diet is free of cost and quite different from the fad diets which are immensely popular. It has the capability of replacing these fad diets, says lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho in one of his recent live videos on Facebook. He mentions that many of us have been unconsciously following this diet for many years and have even benefitted from it. It is nothing but intermittent fasting, which can be followed by everyone without any professional advice, unless you are suffering from any medical condition.

What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is referred to an eating pattern which involves alternative cycles of fasting and eating. Instead of focusing on which foods to eat, it focuses on when you should eat them. Most people fast every day while sleeping. For intermittent fasting, you just need to extend that fast for a little longer. This can be done by either skipping breakfast or eating your first meal at noon and last meal at 8 pm. This will extend your fast to 16 hours and restrict eating to 8 hours. This fasting is also known as 16/8 pattern of eating.