Ageing is a process which brings about many complicated health problems. And today, much has been written about how to defy the process. Some can afford to spend exhorbitant amount of money to undergo cosmetic surgeries while others struggle with cosmetics and beauty products that have flooded the markets. But physical ageing is not only about external transformation but also weakening of of the body system. While looking eternally ageless is impossible, a simple dietary inclusion like drinking pomegranate juice daily can help slow down the process of ageing.

Consuming pomegranates strengthens the muscle. And, drinking its juice helps the body to produce molecule Urolithin A. When microbes act on this molecule in the gut, it increases the muscle mass and protect the muscle cells against ageing, according to a study. It states that Urolithin A helps to re-build the cell’s ability to recycle components of defective mitochondria that causes many ailments related to ageing.

Urolithin A is the “only known molecule” that can recreate the mitochondrial clean-up process (mitophagy), said Patrick Aebischer, president, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne — a research institute in Switzerland. During the course of the study, the team tested their hypothesis on the nematode C.elegans – roundworm. The test showed the lifespan of worms exposed to urolithin A rose by over 45 per cent compared with the control group.

However, the amount of urolithin A produced vary, depending on species of animal and flora present in the gut microbiome, the researchers said. The molecule is not produced in those without the right microbes in their guts. The findings is in the journal Nature Medicine.

So, down some pomegranate juice whenever you can or include it in your daily diet and stay beautiful.