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While governments across the globe are adopting green policies to cap emissions, we suggest you ways in which you can do your bit to lower carbon footprint and make your and the lives of others a healthy one.

Eat fresh fruits and veggies
While imported and packaged food are actively sold in supermarkets, the best way to avoid eating those is by choosing to spend on fruits and vegetables which are sold fresh off the produce and is also free from chemicals. Eating packaged food in the long run can hamper your health and also cause serious ailments.

Commute smart
While everyone loves travelling in the comfort of their car, you also add on to the already existing pollution that we are constantly trying to battle with. Instead of taking a rickshaw for a short distance travel, you can easily walk it up. This will not only help you save money along with reducing pollution but also keep you in shape.

Efficient use of phones and laptops
In a survey conducted internationally, people replace their phones every two years. It is believed that greenhouse gas emissions from phones which are on charge are expected to double from 6.4 megatons to 13 megatons. Also, when you are not using your computer or laptop, it is advisable to switch them off than leave it on overnight to conserve electricity and also save your bill.

Reduce unnecessary printing by way of reusing both sides of a paper when you need print-outs. Though paper is biodegradable, the wastage of it releases greenhouse gas like methane when being decomposed. By reusing paper, you will also be helping in preserving the trees and thereby conserving nature.

It is better to have water tanks in your house than constantly use flowing water for washing, cleaning etc. One must also fill bottles of water and not keep drinking from the water purifier all day long. This will conserve energy and will also stop wastage of water. For gardening, cleaning your car and mopping the floors of your house, do not use drinking water.