How concerned are you about the security of your vehicle?

In the United States today, hundreds of thousands of vehicles are stolen each year. Not only that, vehicles are also vulnerable to other threats, including vandalism, car accidents, staged accidents, and other such dangers.

Every single day, car owners are leaving their vehicles exposed to potential dangers in parking lots as they shop, go to appointments, and run errands. They simply park their car, lock it, and hope nothing happens.

As a vehicle owner, it’s easy to feel helpless when it comes to the security of your vehicle. Why? Because there hasn’t been much you can really do to protect your vehicle.

Until now.

With LyfeLens, the whole game has changed. You now have a viable way to protect yourself. You can keep an eye on your vehicle without even being near it.

Because of LyfeLens, car owners no longer need to feel as if they are unable to protect their vehicle. They can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they will be instantly alerted if something happens to their vehicle.

So how did it start?

The Beginning

It began with two friends. Co-Fouders Allen Stone and Niko Stoenescu. They had always known that they wanted to start a business together. It was something they had discussed for years.

Many hours were spent cooking up new ideas, and brainstorming ways to start their own enterprise. They struggled to create an idea they could believe in.

Until finally, it happened.

They had an idea they could be passionate about. An idea that could revolutionize an entire industry.

What if they could create a device that would make it easier for vehicle owners keep their automobiles safe? What if there was an easier way to monitor the activity in and around their cars?

So they got to work. They did more brainstorming. They planned. They built. After many late nights and frustrating setbacks, they developed a product for which they can be proud.

What is LyfeLens?

LyfeLens is a device that offers car owners an effective way to ensure the safety of their vehicles. Its cameras allow the user to monitor activity in and outside the vehicle. Like other dashcams, it records and stores footage. However, unlike other dashcams, LyfeLens features technology that provides a more extensive approach to monitoring your vehicle.

LyfeLens features dual-facing, wide-angle cameras in an effort to provide maximum visibility on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. It can be configured to monitor a number of different events. These are known as “trigger events.”

Trigger events include:

  • Excessive speed
  • Hard braking
  • Collisions
  • Sudden or abrupt movements
  • Vandalism

When these trigger events occur, the owner of the vehicle is alerted using push notifications. The owner can then check on the vehicle using the LyfeLens mobile app. Using the app, the vehicle owner has access to a live video feed as well as image playback.

It offers a more robust system for ensuring the safety of your vehicle. The device gives you the tools you need to protect your vehicle from threats.

It’s Not Just a Dashcam

LyfeLens is poised to become a major force in the connected car industry. Not only will car owners enjoy greater security, they will enjoy several other benefits.

Are you the parent of a teenager who has just started driving? LyfeLens’ GPS technology will let you know where they are going and how well they are driving.

Do you run a transportation business that uses a fleet of trucks? With LyfeLens, you can keep track of your drivers and ensure that your vehicles are being driven safely. You can also track mileage more efficiently.

What about connectivity? LyfeLens can create a Wi-Fi hotspot that will allow you to connect to the internet wherever you are.

LyfeLens is not just a dashcam. It’s a full-service connectivity solution for your vehicle.

The Challenges

Allen Stone and Niko Stoenescu have accomplished several major victories in their quest to get their product to market, but the journey hasn’t been easy. As with any entrepreneurial undertaking, there were several challenges they had to overcome.

One challenge was creating the perfect design. Since there are already many different dashcams in the market, they had to craft a product that clearly stood out from the rest. The fact that neither Stone nor Stoenescu have backgrounds in manufacturing hardware products just made it that much harder. On top of that, they had to work hard to motivate their team to meet the aggressive deadlines in order to get the product ready for its launch.

Fortunately, they were able to overcome these obstacles by finding people who had the hardware knowledge they lacked.

“We had to find and surround ourselves with people who had been through this process before.  We also had to be very selective with the people we worked with as we didn’t have the time or resources for extensive trial-and-error,” Stone says.

By overcoming these challenges, Stone and Stoenescu were able to finally create a product that is far superior to its competitors. Their perseverance has finally paid off.

The Future

As an industry, the dashcam market has not yet come to the United States. The arrival of LyfeLens will change this.

With LyfeLens, Stone and Stoenescu are poised to create the first big-name brand in dashcams in the US. This device has the potential to completely change the connected car market forever.

“The most exciting part of this is seeing how LyfeLens has grown from an idea in our heads to a viable product,” Stone said when asked about the evolution of the product.

However, Stone and Stoenescu aren’t yet finished. While LyfeLens is their flagship product, these two entrepreneurs have even more ideas. This means that there will be more great products on the horizon.


The founders of LyfeLens have worked hard to create an amazing product that will revolutionize the world of vehicle security. With the hundreds of thousands of vehicles that are being stolen each year, it’s easy to see how much this product is needed. Fortunately, because of the efforts of Allen Stone and Niko Stoenescu, car owners can now have peace of mind.