1. Mind-boggling Ferrero Rocher facts!

We have grown up eating this crunchy ball of delight. Ferrero Rocher is not just chocolate but celebration for most of us. Here are five interesting facts about Ferrero Rocher you didn’t know.

2. Largest consumer of hazelnut

As hazelnut is the signature ingredient of Ferrero Rocher, it is the largest consumer of hazelnuts in the world. Out of the total supply of hazelnuts about 25% of them is being consumed by Ferrero Rocher.

3. Huge amount of production

Approximately 4.8 billion pieces of Ferrero Rocher are produced every year.

4. This chocolate is supposed to make you happy

Ferrero Rocher contains lechitin that is used widely as a remedy for high cholesterol, depression and anxiety.

5. It took years to perfect that round shape

Pietro Ferrero took five years of practice and experiments to get the perfect shape of wafer of chocolate.

6. Cocoa was replaced by hazelnut

After World War 2, Pietro Ferrero witnessed tremendous increase in cocoa prices so he reduced cocoa content and added hazelnuts instead to the chocolates.