empty stomach

Not eaten for four hours or more? If yes, your stomach is certainly empty now. It is advisable not to eat few foods till when everything you ingested is digested and excreted.

When you wake up in the morning, your brain automatically shift to tea or coffee or other food that are not healthy to be consumed when your stomach is empty.

Here are some food you need to avoid taking them on empty stomach.

Tea: Stop starting your day off with a cup of tea. You may feel nauseated. Tea with milk can make you feel tired, cranky and irritated. Black tea is no good either. It may harm the lining wall of your stomach and cause ulcer.

Coffee: Say bye to coffee if it is the first thing you take in the morning. Coffee, when taken on empty stomach, stimulates the secretion of hydraulic acid in the digestive system. This affects the digestive system and causes gastritis. It becomes difficult for the body to dissolve protein. Proteins that get stuck can cause a host of health issues like bloating, irritable bowels and a colon cancer.

Spicy foods: They increase acid production in the stomach. If consumed in the morning after a long gap may result in digestive problems.

Sugary foods: The hungrier you are, the harder it is to resist sugary foods. They’re one of the worst things to be consumed on an empty stomach. They may put an extra load on pancreas that is not fully awaken after long hours of rest. Sugar in the form of fructose can cause an overload on your liver. Processed sugar is even worse. So, no more fruit juices, desserts, and smoothies during breakfast or after long hours of fasting.

Carbonated and iced beverages: Carbonated drinks add additional acid in your digestive system as your stomach is already empty. It may lead to stomach cramps or pain. When carbonated acids get mixed with stomach acids, they may cause nausea and gas. Iced beverages may also damage your mucous membrane and make your digestive system sluggish throughout the day. So, it is best to start your day with a glass of warm water with honey.

Fermented milk products like yogurt: Fermented milk products are rich in probiotics, but it is not advisable to consume them on an empty stomach. These products like yogurt kills the lactic bacteria in the stomach if eaten when it is empty.

Food containing yeast: Yeast is a kind of microbe that irritates the stomach lining, causing flatulence. So, these foods like pastries should be completely avoided to be eaten after a long break from food.

Raw vegetables: Raw veggies like cucumbers are full of coarse fibre. These vegetables may put an extra load on an empty stomach. They can also cause pain, heartburn, flatulence and general discomfort.

Tomato: Tomatoes are high in titanic acid. Consuming them on an empty stomach may increase the acid levels causing discomfort and worsening reflux.

Citrus fruits: The acids in citrus fruits may cause gastritis, gastric ulcers and heartburn as a reaction if eaten on an empty stomach.

Pear: Pear is full of crude fibre. It won’t fill you up. Rather, it can injure the mucus membranes of an empty stomach.

Banana: Eating banana on an empty stomach may cause potential harm to your heart health as it increases the amount of magnesium in your blood.

Instead, have oatmeal, muesli, cornmeal porridge, whole wheat bread without yeast, wheatgerm, buck wheat, watermelon, blueberries, nuts, honey and eggs. Make these healthy options an integral part of your everyday life. Refrain from unhealthy habits.