Google is working on a Chrome OS update that’ll make Chromebooks with touch screens easier to use.

The OS wasn’t exactly designed with touch controls in mind, but the Mountain View company seems to be changing plans with a new touch-friendly launcher.

Chrome OS Update To Bring Touch Controls To The Table

From the look of things, the new launcher is placed below the screen. When it’s pulled up, it’ll show a Google search bar and a couple of suggested apps. Now when it’s open in full by swiping up, it’ll give access to all the apps available.

Interestingly enough, it seems that when the voice search command is used, it’ll open up a new window in the Chrome browser with the user’s query keyed in.

The person behind the reveal is none other than Chromium evangelist François Beaufort, spreading the word via a Google+ post.

“The Chrome OS team is experimenting with a Touch-Friendly version of the launcher in Canary channel. Enable the chrome://flags/#enable-fullscreen-app-list flag, restart Chrome, and press the Search key to see it in action,” he says.

To get a closer look at what’s in store, hit up the video below: