iPad Pro Is Closer Than Ever to Replacing Your Laptop

ipad pro apple pencil iPad Pro

The new size is certainly a plus if you’re considering using the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement. For creative work and digital note-taking, you’ll notice even less latency than before, which is saying something.

But, in one big way, reviewing the iPad Pro, now as a device for real work would only be telling half the story. The real changes to the iPad Pro, and all of Apple’s iOS 11-compatible iPads, will come with the release of iOS 11 in the fall.

Based on the demonstrations Apple has shared, the software update will make the iPad much more like a laptop, using Apple’s familiar file structure plus a number of multi-tasking features that will make it feel more robust. Once iOS 11 hits, it will be possible to run up to four apps on the screen at a time – two side-by-side, one floating and video in picture-in-picture. When the new operating system comes out, the combination of the slightly larger size, faster processing power and new software could make the new iPad Pro stand out against the rest of the line.

This may make the proposition more confusing if you’ve been considering something light like an MacBook Air (which hasn’t been updated in years) against the tablet. If you’re looking for something portable that you can watch videos on or use to write documents and emails, then it comes down to whether you want to be able to use a touchscreen or not.

Overall, if you have a first-generation iPad Pro and are happy with it, you may not find a compelling reason to upgrade to a new one. But if your laptop is getting up there and you’re looking for a light device to replace it? The iPad Pro will soon be able to fill that gap with fewer compromises than ever.