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Sixty-year-old Leela from Kerala always wanted to travel and see the world. When she landed on a Facebook page that was coordinating a trek to a hilltop in the state, what attracted her most was the fact that it was an all-women’s trip.

But the senior citizen was worried if her age would come in the way of finally realising her dream of exploring new places. However, age was indeed just a number, as Leela would soon realise.

Months later, Leela is now a regular on many of the trips organised by ‘Appooppanthaadi’ (meaning ‘milkweed’ in Malayalam), an all-women’s travel group.

“Age is just a number. If the older women who want to join us have this attitude, then there is no mountain they cannot climb!” says 31-year-old Sajna Ali, the founder of Appooppanthaadi.

‘Appooppanthaadi’ was founded in April 2016 and has since then coordinated as many as 63 tours across the country.