City-based industrialists cry for business but when it comes to enjoying vacations, they never miss any opportunity. An i-stock image

Shivani Bhakoo

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, December 26

The business community in the city always cries for slump in the market. Their concerns are — there is no work in the market, exports are hit and payments are a real problem — among hosts of other issues.But as far as living life in a style is concerned, there is absolutely no compromise. If travel agents in the city are to be believed then there is a beeline for bookings at several places, including domestic as well as overseas destinations for Christmas and New Year celebrations.And this time, to enjoy Christmas and New Year, Australia, Maldives, Dubai and Singapore remain favourite destinations for those, who want to party abroad.Rupjit Saggar of Saggarsons Tours and Travels said, “We get so many calls/enquiries daily for New Year/Christmas bookings. At times, it becomes difficult to accommodate the rush because almost all have already finalised plans by now. Those, who made timely bookings, are relaxed and packing bags to go, but the last-minute deciders are still looking for good/reasonable destinations.”“Packages start from three to 12 days, including stay in four star hotels and air-fare. The 10-day package for Australia will cost one person Rs1.5 lakh, while Dubai remains a hot favorite with Rs50,000 for three to four nights, including air-fare, per person. Stay in Maldives is available for Rs70,000 per person,” he said.Sandhya, a homemaker said, “We have plans to go to Maldives as the entire family loves beaches,” she said.Talking about slump in the market an industrialist said, “Businessmen are never satisfied. There is always an urge to do more and more. At the same time, this is a perfect time to get ourselves re-winded and come back fresh. “Spending Rs2 to 3 lakh to bring happiness for family members is justified,” he said.