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Have you ever felt like the process of seasoning your latest culinary masterpiece was too low tech?

One lifestyle firm believes it has spotted a gap in the market and has come up with a bizarre piece of kit designed to make this more of an event.

Smalt incorporates a Bluetooth connected smart speaker and mood lighting, to take the stress out of shaking salt.

Users will also be able to monitor their salt intake via Smalt’s app.

A California-based lifestyle company has created Smalt (pictured), which is designed to make shaking salt more less strenuous by automating the process of seasoning your food through Amazon’s Alexa smart assistant

California-based lifestyle company Herb & Body aspire ‘to make ordinary life more fun, easier, and healthier.’

Their strange vision for the future of sodium chloride dispensing is currently still at the concept stage.

The company’s website says they will soon be launching a crowd-funding campaign to help make it a reality.

And early adopters can sign up now to receive up to 50 per cent off a future retail price, yet to be announced.

How much interest it will receive from the general public remains to be seen.

Smalt has been in development for two and a half years, according to reports in SF Gate.

And a functional prototype was demonstrated at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, held in March.

Speaking to the site, CEO Bipan Singh said: ‘Whether it is the healthy eating trend or the convenience of meal ingredient services, people love to prepare meals, get together, have fun.

‘We want them to further enhance their dining experience with Smalt by using all of its features.