Many of the residents at Braidwood MPS are keen gardeners and have not had the opportunity to excercise their green thumbs for a long time until now.

Braidwood MPS along with 24 other MPS across the state of NSW, have been participating in a yearlong collaborative facilitated by the ACI to implement Principles of Care which support staff in providing care for aged care residents of MPS; not as patients in hospital, but as people living in their home.

Access to meaningful recreational activities for the residents of Braidwood MPS is one of the care principles Braidwood MPS have focussed on.

A call went out to the Men’s Shed to see if there was a way something could be built to enable residents to engage safely in this pastime once again.

Barry McDowall identified that this would be a worthwhile project for members of the Men’s shed. This gave the opportunity for the gentlemen to build something completely unique for the Residents at Braidwood MPS.

Mr McDowall came up with a design for two planter tables that would cater for residents who were mobile as well as residents who require wheelchairs or wheelie walkers.

The Men from the Braidwood Shed worked tirelessly over 2 months to make this idea into a reality, supported by Braidwood APEX who provided the funding for all the required materials.

The finished product is of true craftsmanship and care and is a credit to members of the Braidwood Men’s Shed. The tables are made from recycled and new pine, marine ply with a unique catch system for soil and water. The tables are mobile so residents can do planting inside or outside throughout the year regardless of the weather.

This contribution by the Men’s Shed to the residents of Braidwood MPS has enabled residents to once again engage in a recreational activity meaningful to them.

The Residents and Staff from Braidwood MPS sincerely thank the Braidwood Men’s Shed and Braidwood APEX for playing such an important part in improving the quality of life for the residents at Braidwood MPS.

For any information about joining the Braidwood Men’s Shed please contact Barry Ribbons on 0412241607