Magadh University.Magadh University.
GAYA: Budget-making exercise for the year 2018-19 has begun in Magadh University (MU), otherwise infamous for delayed budgets and marked deficiencies in the annual estimate of income and expenditure.

The vice-chancellor has directed the officials to give up ad-hocism and prepare a realistic budget. Besides nearly two dozen PG departments, 44 constituent and four deficit grant minority colleges are under MU.

The number of employees, teaching as well as non-teaching, is about 4500. The state government has categorised employees in three different categories like the total number of working employees, number of employees working against sanctioned posts and number of employees eligible for salary payment. On account of appointment-related irregularities, the state government does not release salary grant for a sizeable number of working employees.

According to sources, though a sum of Rs 15 crore per month is required for the payment of pensions and family pensions, the budgetary provision made in the previous budget put it at Rs 13 crore