A Tricky Business

Insurance is a protocol all businesses have to consider. This can sometimes be one of the most frustrating and confusing aspects of a business, and through that confusion or misunderstanding, insurance companies can often benefit from your uncertainty. As a result, you may end up paying more than what you’re receiving in return. Captive Resources is an institution that doesn’t want your business to fall into that trap and can provide the education and steps you need to ensure that the insurance companies don’t own you, but that you own the insurance companies.

Providing The Tools You Need

The mission of Captive Resources is acute and clear. They want to protect businesses from insurance companies who tend to ask more than they give. By simply joining with their captive insurance, businesses receive a myriad of resources at their disposal. These resources cover everything from claims advocacy, operational oversight, risk management, investment services, financial services, as well as ensuring that the business in question increases their buying power. Capital Resources has the experience, too. They’ve been helping businesses for over 30 years and oversee premiums of over $2.0 billion, not to mention assets that add up to around $5.0 billion. By utilizing all that Captive Resources has to offer, businesses can not only save money in the long-run, but they’re also assured protection. With a client retention rate ranging from 97 to 98 percent, it’s clear that businesses know where to look for service unlike any other.

Protect Your Business Now

Dependent upon what insurance plan your business has installed at this moment, you could very well be losing precious money that could be allocated elsewhere. For smaller businesses where every penny counts, this could potentially be disastrous. To ensure that your business is protected and is receiving the maximum amount of return that it can, utilizing the advice and resources that Capital Resources provide could be the difference between a long-lasting business and an early closing. Don’t let your business be taken advantage by insurance companies anymore.