Marketing and insight are teaming up to drive better business

Marketing and insight are collaborating more closely than ever in a bid to develop rich, relevant and personalised content that drives deep consumer engagement.


Collaboration between marketing and insight is helping both sides of the partnership make better decisions to devise stronger, more consumer focused campaigns that drive businesses forward.

At online retailer Shop Direct the close relationship between marketing and insight is helping improve the company’s fundamental understanding of customer needs, attitudes and habits, both in and out of the retail environment, according to group marketing director Kenyatte Nelson.

Over the past six months alone the Shop Direct insight team has spent more than 4,000 hours taking part in at-home customer visits, quantitative studies and analysis of online consumer shopping journeys.

“As marketers we want to get our campaigns right and then keep iterating to get even better results. To do that we need to know what our customer’s are all about and then turn that insight into action,” says Nelson.

“That’s why the relationship between our insight and marketing teams is so important. Our ability to deliver customer, and ultimately shareholder, value rests on it.”

Shop Direct taps into customer insight to dictate how it prioritises its investment. Nelson explains that if insight shows its fashion customers care about delivery options then it may choose to invest more in this area and communicating the new benefits, which could result in a reduced investment in above-the-line activity.