Move Over Dark Chocolate: Look Out for Pink Chocolate, the New Food Trend

With so many different food ingredients getting spectacular makeovers in the recent years, it’s now time for chocolate. For over 80 years now, the three different kinds of chocolate – dark, milk and white – have ruled the world of chocoholics. Now there’s a new variant to munch on for a sinful indulgence – introducing, pink chocolate. Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut claims to have produced naturally pink chocolate from ruby cocoa beans, a variety that grows in different parts of the world, including Ecuador, Brazil, and the Ivory Coast.

The ruby pink hue is said to be the result of over a decade of research to create a new kind of chocolate from ruby cocoa beans. With no added flavouring, colouring, or additives, it is the fourth natural type of chocolate, which is not bitter, milky or sweet, but slightly tangy (berry-like) and lusciously smooth. The pink chocolate or ruby chocolate was launched in Shanghai, China, on September 5th, and has created quite a stir among chocoholics. But from the looks of it, it will take about six to maybe 12 months before the product is commercially available. It is yet to be approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


Needless to say, it is predicted to be a great hit on social media when it hits the stands with its colour pop. The pink hue is said to be due to a powder extracted during the processing. It has taken the brand years of experiments and refinements in their labs to create this new kind of chocolate, which is meant for “pure pleasure and hedonistic delight”.

pink chocolate 620

The pink hue is due to a powder extracted during the processing; Photo Credit:

80 years ago, Nestle had created white chocolate using cocoa butter and sugar, which is a loved treat across the globe now. Finally, there is a new innovation in the world of chocolate for the millennials. For those not in the know-how of chocolates, dark chocolate contains 70% or more of cocoa solids and the remaining constitute cocoa butter and sugar. Milk chocolate contains milk solids, cocoa solids, cocoa butter and sugar. The pink or ruby chocolate is said to be made of cocoa solids, cocoa butter, dairy, and sugar. The brand claims to have invented a new way of processing certain chocolate beans that “isolates the flavour precursors that preserve a red colour and natural berry flavour.”


While we all are anticipating the launch of the pink chocolates commercially, in the meantime, what we can do is gorge on these pretty pictures of pink chocolate:

pink chocolate 620

Let’s hope it hits the market soon!