1. Best appetizers to enjoy with beer!

With temperature soaring and the scorching sun shining mercilessly overhead, it calls for a relaxing time in the evening where you can chill and unwind with your friends. What’s a better way to beat the heat than with a glass of chilled beer and lip-smacking chakhnas? As the trend of micro-breweries is here to stay and you can happily enjoy your evening at a place where you can Pour Your Own Beer (PYOB) from the taps, it is time to ditch the traditional drink accompaniments and go for innovative and delicious new-age chakhnas. From Sushi to Mutton Rahra Lukmi, it seems that the beer lovers have got electric fusion cuisine on their minds. Here are some of the new age chakhnas that you can enjoy with your favourite drink.

(Dish and Image Courtesy: Ministry of Beer)

2. Old Monk Ki Raan

A mouth-watering delicacy made of lamb with a perfect balance of herbs and spices, Old Monk Ki Raan goes best with strong beer. The taste of this lamb recipe will uplift your mood instantly.

3. Mutton Rahra Lukmi

A fancy name, but the dish is completely a winner when it comes to non-vegetarian appetizers. Pair it with your lager and enjoy your evening.

4. Sushi

Amazingly delicious and low on calorie, sushi is the best appetizer that you can have with a glass of beer, while you catch up with your friends.

5. Braised Lamb Nets

Made of lamb meat and various spices, Braised Lamb Nets are truly delectable and mouth-watering. Crispy and spicy, this lamb recipe goes very well with strong beer, though you can have it with whisky too!

6. Dimsums

Fried or steamed, dimsums will melt in your mouth with a sip of your favourite beer.

7. Chettinad Paneer Tikka

Have you ever tasted this South Indian version of paneer tikka? Chettinad Paneer Tikka is something you must try. Just one bite and you will be lost in the flavours of mustard and curry leaves.