fb Messenger announced on Wednesday that a whoooooole bunch of latest emoji might be coming to thepopular messaging app on Thursday, June 2 (that’s the next day!) — among that are a few a lotwantedgender numerous options. but what are the brand new facebook Messenger girls emoji, exactly? Which emoji, hitherto best representative of men, will quickly be consultant of girls? The terrible news is that there aren’t quite a few them; the good news, although, is that there are extra at the way. i’ve highhopes, y’all. excessive hopes, certainly.

the brand new emoji, which will additionally encompass the racially numerous options that were this sort of victory returned when they arrived in 2015, have been announced in a submit at the Messengerfb page in advance today, with the purpose being to “make emojis more representative of the sector westay in.” because the submit notes, emoji have changed the way we communicatehoweverunfortunately, no longer all systems have stored up. not handiest are we every so often no longer able to locate the emoji that suggest precisely what we want to mention, however extra importantly, theyregularly aren’t “residing up to the gender and skin tone diversity that we see in our global every day.”

To that give up, over 1,500 newly designed Messenger emoji could be making their debut tomorrowincluding emoji that “[diversify] the genders to create a greater balanced blend that’s greater consultant of our global,” reads the publish. “Now, the use of Messenger emojis, you’ll see a female police officer, runner, pedestrian, surfer, and swimmer for the very first time, and we’ll hold rolling these out.”

And that’s in which the solution to the “what are they?” question is hiding: proper now, we’ve got 5 to begin, and greater are at the manner. if you scrutinize this image, which the Messenger web pageincluded in its post announcing the emoji, you can see all of them:

The police officer is in the upper left nook, the jogger right above the “O” in “energy,” the swimmer on the lowest row underneath the bunny ear female, the walker to the left of the swimmer, and the surfer at the left hand facet proper subsequent to the wordwoman.” Cool, proper?

There are some drawbacks; in line with BuzzFeed, the emoji will nevertheless seem like men at thekeyboard, although whilst you absolutely use them, they will show as women. additionally, 5 is… form of a tiny range. however it’s a start, and i’m able to’t wait to peer what else is at the manner.

For the curious, here’s what those five emoji have gave the impression of up til this point, whilst our onlyoptions had been dudes:

1. The Pedestrian Emoji
Used to signify taking walks (or viable plodding along, or encouraging human beings to sluggish the heck down), the Pedestrian emoji is commonly depicted wearing blue pants and a purple blouse. The emoji’s cloth wardrobe choice will not reputedly alternate, from the sneak peek Messenger has given us.

2. The Runner Emoji
The Runner (or “jogger,” in case you select) emoji is basically similar to the Pedestrian emoji; it’s evencarrying the same outfit. It’s simply shifting alongside at a faster clip than its strolling counterpart.

three. The Police Officer Emoji

The hat surely says it all, doesn’t it?

four. The Swimmer Emoji

To be truthful, the Swimmer emoji is sporting a swim cap, which simply makes it nearly gender neutral. This model of the emoji, even though, is surely coded “masculine” in form.

5. The Surfer Emoji

This version of the Surfer emoji looks incredibly worried. I form of dig that the brand new fb Messenger one seems like she’s having the time of her existence.