Paneer Jalebi: The Denser Cousin of Jalebi Is Nothing Like Anything You Have Had Before

If there is anything that can compete with the phenomenon of samosa in this country, it has to be the crisp and sweet jalebi. It was somewhere in the 13th century that the west Asian import made inroads into the culinary map of India, as Zolabiya, and here we are eight centuries later, absolutely hooked to our dearjalebi. Crispy, coiled and ever-so delightful jalebi, is staple across all halwais and sweetmeat shops in the country and is our all-time favourite too. Did you know that the recipe of jalebi is said to be first recorded in the 16th century, ‘Bhojana Kutuhala,‘ – one of the subcontinents first books of recipes and food science written by Raghunath. The recipe that was mentioned in the book is still practiced to prepare jalebi now. The phenomenon of jalebi is so great that people have designed several rich and coarse variants of it, as well. One of our most favourite is paneer jalebi.

Much like jalebis, paneer jalebis are made in similar coiled shapes, but with fresh curd cheese. With chenna, or paneer, as the base ingredient, the jalebi is denser and richer than your regular jalebi. Layered with silver varq, topped crushed nuts and dry fruits, paneer jalebi is every foodie’s dream come true. Paneer jalebi is a popular sweetmeat across Northern states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.