Pilates for a fitter body (Pic: Thinkstock)Pilates for a fitter body (Pic: Thinkstock)
With monsoon almost over us, many will stop going for their usual morning or evening walks. To make sure that you do not put on weight, try doing some simple Pilates exercises at home. Here are the ones we suggest you try.

Supine Arm Work
This is indeed one of the most beneficial arms and abs exercise. This workout helps in strengthening your arms, abs and upper mid back muscles. This workout is perfect if you’re looking to get rid of your bulging tummy, and if you’re rooting for slimmer arms.

Feet in Straps
Pilates professional Sheetal Shah says, “Feet in straps is that one exercise which works the best towards strengthening your lower body. It targets your abs and legs. It specifically increases the flexibility of hamstrings and hips. It also works towards developing balance in hip musculature. So now fit in easy in the pants or skirt you have been hiding in your closet. Show your newly tone curves after trying out this workout.”

Chest Expansion and Kneeling Arm Circles

This workout is good for your upper body. It is great for the same as it works towards strengthening your posterior and anterior shoulder muscles. This workout also increases your torso stabilization. It helps you achieve the ideal posture which u might lack. Also, helps you in getting toned shoulders.

Kneeling side arms – side bent press
The right posture helps you look taller, slimmer and more confident. The posture you have tends to give away your personality. So, in order to get a striking personality, having a right posture helps a lot. This Pilates workout, in particular, strengthens scapular stabilizers, increases torso stabilization and improves your standing posture. Besides, your posture it additionally helps in your arm and shoulder muscles.

Pull up / Hamstring
Hamstring is that part of the body which runs from the bottom of your buttocks to the back of your knee. Many of us face the problem of having weakness in that area or even stiffness. Pilates workouts can help loosen, strengthen and condition that part to have a toned look. Pull Up Hamstring is helpful in strengthening your abdomen. Along with that it also helps in strengthening your shoulders and hip flexors.