Ramadan 2017: Learn what is the significance of dates in the Iftar


  1. Dates is helpful in promoting instantaneous energy.
  2. The Pakistani month of Ramadan is also known as the month of the Quran
  3. Dash reduces the risk of stroke

Pak month of Ramzan has come. This month holds special significance for Muslims around the world. The month of Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is believed that the dua performed in this month is truly blessed with the blessings of Allah and directs it to the Jannat. It is also recognized that at this time the gates of hell are closed, behind which the demons are tied.

The Pakistani month of Ramadan is also known as the month of the Quran. During this month, every Muslim is asked to read the Quran more and more. It is said that Allah has accepted the dua in this month. During Ramadan, every Muslim adheres to the rites and breaks it with Iftar upon sunset. The month of Ramzan is actually the month of discipline, self-control, sacrifice and sympathy for every Muslim. And Rosa is a symbol of these sacred feelings.

Dates and figs fudge

During Ramadan Muslims wine and women about living away from the wrong idea.  Take Ramadan rise early Muslim family in the morning with Rosa every day in the month of food, called Shri. Sahari sun is taken before the sun rises. After this, after staying in the hungry thirsty and full of days, there is full coverage on the sunset. According to the recognition, it is necessary to open a pasur before the Iftar.

Iftar’s food is quite grand. There are also some special dishes of Ramadan. From kebab, biryan, sorbet and desserts, it is impossible to imagine the diet of iftar without the presence of dates in the Muslim family.


Iftar’s food is quite grand, there

are many examples in the hadith (collection of words of Prophet Muhammad), where fruit is given great importance in Iftar. The Prophet compared a good Muslim to a date tree. It is believed that when one has to break his fast, he should break it on the date palm. If it does not have dates, then it can break on water because it is pure. Apart

from science,

cultural significance of breaking fast with dates is also supported by scientists from all over the world.

• It is said that the palm gives energy in the body. By fasting throughout the day, the energy of the body can be destroyed and the body can be dehydrated. In such a way, low blood sugar, headache and lethargy may be felt. In such a way, it is very helpful to break fast from palm. Because it activates to take in the flow of food to cover the digestive juices of the body.

• Due to the richness of natural sugar, dates are helpful in promoting instantaneous energy.

• Dates are filled with carbohydrates and fiber, fiber makes the body feel full and prevents it from feeling hungry.


Dates is helpful in promoting instantaneous energy. 

• Dates contain 54 percent sugar and 7 percent protein. It is very right for those who have heart disease.

• It is said that the date reduces the risk of stroke and also helps in digestion process.

• Dates is a high magnesium diet that is known to control the level of calcium, vitamin D and electrolytes in the body.

• Iftar is definitely required to take dates. Sometimes and desserts, which usually use dates like kheer, firni or may get attached.

Happy Ramzan!