May 18, 2017
Why do you feel hungry after running

1/6Why do you feel hungry after running

You may have experienced constant hunger pangs after running a few miles. If you don’t wish to undo that calorie burn and want to know what nourishment your body really needs, it’s important to understand the root cause of your hunger. Here are some reasons which may be causing this unexpected craving:

​You are burning calories

2/6​You are burning calories

Running is a vigorous form of exercise where you burn a lot of calories. Burning of calories is co-related to feeling hungry. Running is an exercise, which can lead to massive calorie burn. You burn more calories in a run than walking on a treadmill or stationary bike.

​You are not eating enough

3/6​You are not eating enough

People who feel hungry after a run are usually the ones who are dieting. The calories in your body are already in a deficit, therefore, this added calorie burn after a run can stimulate your hunger pang.

​You are dehydrated

4/6​You are dehydrated

Many of us confuse our thirst with hunger. People who do this end up stuffing themselves and remain dehydrated. Even the practice of having water to curb food hunger is wrong. Learn to differentiate between your thirst for water and food hunger.