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ST. MARYS, Ga. – Replicas of two of Christopher Columbus’ ships will be available to tour through early Tuesday morning at Lang’s Marina Restaurant.

The Niña was build by hand without the use of power tools and is considered to be the most historically correct Columbus replica ever built. It measures 65 feet long and 18 feet wide at the beam. Columbus and his crew sailed the original version of the tiny ship over 25,000 miles. The last trace of the Niña was recorded in 1501.

The Pinta was recently built in Brazil. At 85 feet long and 23 feet wide at the beam, it is a larger version of the Columbus’ original ship.

The ships are scheduled to be in port until early Tuesday morning. While in port, admission is $8.00 for adults, $7.00 for seniors and $6,00 for students ages 5-16. Children 4 and under are free.