Samsung is set to introduce some new tablets and laptops, including one that works on both a Windows 8 and Android operating system simultaneously.

The company introduced the expansion to its Ativ PC line this week at a “Premiere” event in London. There, Samsung wowed the crowd gathered with Ativ Q. This is fully-functional laptop with a hinged monitor that turns it into a slim tablet. Perhaps the most interesting feature on the Ativ Q is its ability to switch between Windows 8 and Android 4.2.

If your business is constantly transferring files from smartphones to business computers, a machine that acts as both could be an answer to those problems. Ativ Q users can pin Apps from their Android system onto the Windows 8 Start screen and transferring files between the two systems is easy, according to an early review of the expanded Ativ line from

The Ativ Q also features the new Intel Haswell processor and a long battery life of nine hours. This hybrid laptop has a 13-inch display (serviceable for a laptop and impressive for a tablet), is just more than a half-inch thick and weighs less than three pounds, so it’s definitely portable.

One drawback to the Ativ Q comes when it’s being used a laptop. The keyboard does not have a trackpad. Instead, it uses a cursor nub and if it’s been awhile since you’ve used one, there could be some time adjusting to using the nub over a trackpad.

Samsung says its other introduction in the Ativ line, the Tab 3, is the “world’s thinnest Windows 8 tablet” available, according to the review. It’s about one-third of an inch thick and weighs 1.21 pounds. The Tab 3 features a 10.1-inch display and the Intel Atom Z2760 processor inside.

In addition to those two new products, Samsung also introduced its Ativ Book 9 Plus and Lite laptops. Both feature a touchscreen display but the Lite version is also available with a non-touchscreen. The Lite, despite the name, is actually heavier than the Plus model.

Samsung did not announce release dates or prices for any of its new products at the recent “Premiere” event, according to

Image: Samsung