Unemployment is a very scary word that most people dread. Attached to unemployment are words like poverty, lack and destitute. While you can grow and learn so much through these circumstances, it’s never an ideal situation to experience. If you’ve found yourself in a space where you’re unemployed or underemployed, there are a few ways you can directly face the situation and get through it.

1. Get odd jobs.
Find odd jobs in order to make ends meet. Think of any side hustles you might be really good at. Once you’re clear on what you can do, promote your services to everyone in your sphere of influence. Keep in mind that your odd jobs don’t have to only entail cleaning toilets or washing dishes. You can find part-time jobs within your field. Turn two part-time job into a full-time income. Sell things you don’t need anymore and do what you can to create some financial margin.

2. Create resume routine.
As you’re working toward providing for your family, it’s also important to make sure you routinely apply for jobs within your field. Cover all of your bases by applying to jobs on Craiglist and other job websites. Look at the classified ads in the paper and ask friends if they know anyone who’s hiring. Submit your resume to staffing companies in Boston and follow up with any leads you receive. Make sure that you’re submitting your resume every day to a new place.

3. Exercise.
A time of unemployment or underemployment can be extremely stressful. In order to mentally keep your head in a good space, release endorphins and stress through exercise. Whether it’s a jog around the neighborhood or workout routine you’ve found on YouTube, maintain the discipline to commit your body to a healthy routine.

4. Maintain positivity.
Remember that everything will work out. Though things might seem a little hopeless right now, remember that it’s all temporary. Read positive messages from devotional books or self-help books. Confide in friends who will encourage and inspire you to become better. Avoid any negative people or situations as you’re already in a fragile place. You need to flood your mind with positivity and you’ll succeed.