How you can use efficiency control to better achieve marketing objectives

Consumer insight and analysis of various elements of the marketing mix will let the marketing controller optimise the resources (people and investment) and deliver impactful innovations. Using the marketing profitability analysis I wrote about the earlier article, the company will find out which products, regions, and markets are earning poor profits. […]

Paytm on track to achieve its goal of 500 million digital wallets by 2020

Harinder Takhar, former Paytm CEO, who is now Paytm Labs CEO. Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint New Delhi: In June 2013, this reporter was at Paytm’s Noida office to interview chief executive officer (CEO) Harinder Takhar (now CEO of Paytm Labs) when the digital payments company hit 1 million downloads on its […]

VR and AR Need Brain-Computer Interfaces to Achieve Their Full Potential

What does the future mean in terms of personal technology? In my vision, our tools – which are currently clunky, radiation-emitting, time-consuming devices – will become intuitive and unobtrusive. There is no better example of this transformation than your communications terminal that also doubles up as a media consumption device […]