Dear parents, take note. Children who snore are likelier to grow up into obese adults

If your child snores, don’t ignore it. It could lead to some serious health trouble later in life. A team of researchers has shed some light on the vicious cycle of childhood obesity and snoring. Scientists at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) looked at the relationships among maternal snoring, […]

Scientists say controlling brain chemical may boost learning in adults

Learning language or music is usually a breeze for children, but the capacity declines dramatically with age. Scientists from St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the US showed that limiting the supply or the function of the neuromodulator adenosine in a brain structure called the auditory thalamus preserved the ability […]

The Idiot Box: three Hours Every day Television Viewing Ought to Hamper Young adults’ Brain Capabilities

Watching Tv for more than three hours a day and having low physical pastime as a young adult is related to worse cognitive characteristic in midlife, says a brand new look at. With the increasing incidence of sedentary or display screen–based activities, which include Watching television, these tendencies are of […]

about half of of american Adults are Diabetic or Prediabetic: observe

approximately 1/2 of the american adult populace has diabetes or is prediabetic, although incidence of the sickness appears to be leveling off after decades of increase, researchers said. nearly 40 percent of us adults had prediabetes and 12 to 14 percentage had diabetes between 2011 and 2012, in step with […]

on-line alcohol advertising and marketing related to ingesting among european young adults

(Reuters health) – youth in Europe can be just as prone to online alcohol advertising as their opposite numbers some place else, consistent with a current have a look at in 4 countries that links thecommercials with children‘ likelihood of ingesting and of binge ingesting. There had been similar results […]