The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising and Why You Need Both in Your Life

On the surface, marketing and advertising seem to be synonymous; two words that can be used interchangeably to describe a process that helps you sell more products or services. However, there’s a huge difference, and being able to differentiate between the two will help you create a more complete, “whole” approach to achieving your business […]

Display Advertising Statistics for Different Types of Digital Ads

We’ve collected these display advertising statistics from a variety of sources. If you’re unsure of the differences between the different types of display advertising, there’s an explanation beneath the statistics. Last updated: January 22, 2017 Banner Ads Statistics Banner ads have been hit hard over the past few years: Approximately 30 percent […]

Here Are Some Last Minute Facebook Advertising Tips for the Holidays

If you haven’t been working on your holiday advertising game plan since September, you’re actually late to the party. Many successful marketers start holiday-specific advertising early in the fall to get exposure among users and influence consumer shopping early on, especially on Facebook. In fact, I can recall seeing gift-giving, […]

Paytm to spend Rs600 crore on branding, advertising in 2016-17

New Delhi: Mobile wallet and e-trade firm Paytm, run through One97 Verbal exchange Ltd, will spend Rs.600 crore on branding and advertising in 2016-17, the employer stated on Monday. It had spent greaterthan Rs.500 crore in 2015-sixteen. Paytm has already released a Rs.50-crore marketing campaign across Television, print, radio and […]

on-line alcohol advertising and marketing related to ingesting among european young adults

(Reuters health) – youth in Europe can be just as prone to online alcohol advertising as their opposite numbers some place else, consistent with a current have a look at in 4 countries that links thecommercials with children‘ likelihood of ingesting and of binge ingesting. There had been similar results […]

advertising via choose-in, choose-out, consent or valid interest?

weblog If a=b and b=c then it follows that a=c. So, how does this set of easy equations relate to statistics safety? properly if direct marketeers,privateness advocates and supervisory authorities acknowledged that a=c then most of the talkregarding information safety and the advertising purpose would be settled. Don’t accept as […]