Marketing Automation & Data: 2 Contradictory Elements We Need to Discuss

“The year of automation is here!” “Don’t let your team manually do what should be automated.” “The one who still manages bids manually in Google Ads is wasting her time.” These and other like-minded sentiments are being uttered by PPCers who just a couple of short years ago were (rightfully) […]

Frederick Creates Marketing Automation for Local Service Businesses

Frederick is a San Francisco-based marketing automation platform for local services. The platform helps class and appointment-based businesses to increase revenue using fully automated, data-driven marketing. The platform analyzes small business management systems, intelligently combining historical customer and transaction data with utilization information to highlight potential empty times and days […]

Nimble Ushers in the Age of CRM Automation

Usefulness Functionality Price Summary Nimble is a game-changer, forever altering the landscape of how CRMs support marketing and sales professionals. Over the past few years, small business use of marketing automation solutions have skyrocketed. It’s no surprise, really, as these solutions automate “significant aspects of customer acquisition such as lead […]