Moms-to-be, taking this epilepsy drug during pregnancy increases risk of oral cleft in baby

Women taking a common anti-epileptic drug during early pregnancy may have a greater chance of giving birth to a baby with an oral cleft, warns a new study. “Our results suggest that the increased risk of oral clefts is most pronounced in women taking higher doses of topiramate to treat […]

Interesting Godh Bharai (Baby Shower) Food Rituals From Across the Country

In India, pregnancy is celebrated with much grandeur and the grand party organized before the advent of the baby includes various Indian customs and rituals that are followed in different regions. This party-of-sorts is known as Godh Bharai or commonly called the Baby Shower. It is also known as Seemandam or Valakaapu […]

A Yogi is a like a Baby

Patanjali Yoga Sutra Knowledge Sheet 82 Contd. from knowledge sheet 81   The different positions of your eyes indicate the state of your mind. Different body postures also indicate what you are feeling. This is called body language. It shows what you are within you. So, stiffer you are, stiffer […]