TECH’S APPEAL CES 2017 Unveiled shows off gadgets designed to help YOU become even more beautiful

ALAMY 7 This strange looking gadget is called the iGrow and is designed to help you beat baldness The past few shows have featured all manner of gadgets designed to make you healthier. But this year, it seems the world’s most innovative firms have decided to appeal to our vanity. […]

Tips to Help Employees Become Smarter Healthcare Consumers

As the current healthcare system continues to transition to more consumer-driven healthcare plans,  employers will begin to see a unique reaction from employees. They’re hungry for information on benefits options, but they also feel overwhelmed and confused. In order for employees to find a balance and become successful healthcare consumers, […]

while The District Collector’s workplace In Kozhikode become A school

In Kozhikode, a government-aided college become close down because it turned into economically no longer sustainable, however the district collector requested his workforce to vacate a corridor and set-up “The Collectorate school“. KOZHIKODE: HIGHLIGHTS school changed into close down because it turned into no longer economically sustainable Kozhikode district collector […]