Being close to nature can make you develop positive body image

Exposure to natural environment and images of nature may have a powerful effect on promoting positive body image, according to a study led by scientists, including one of Indian-origin. The study, published in the journal Body Image, involved five separate studies from researchers, including those from Anglia Ruskin University in […]

Indore-Patna Express Derailment: WhatsApp Being Used by Doctors to Find Kin of Survivors

Eight-year-old Sejal Yadav was pulled from the wreckage of a derailed train in northern India and rushed alone to hospital. Hours later she was reunited with her brother – thanks to WhatsApp. As survivors were rescued from the mangled carriages of the Indore-Patna Express on Sunday, many – including children […]

Indian Couple’s Everest Summit Claim Being Investigated In Nepal

Dinesh Rathod had posted this photo on Facebook of him at the Everest base camp. KATHMANDU, NEPAL: Nepal’s mountaineering government are investigating a hiking Declare by using an Indian couple who are accused of changing pictures of themselves on the summit of Mount Everest, anrespectable said on Monday. Department of […]

Time to Be active: Why children want to begin being concerned approximately Their coronary heart

A healthful lifestyle isn’t always an overnight miracle. it’s far a practice that one desires to undertakewith sincerity and comply with it on a daily basis and through the years. Doing so can assist in avertingsome of illnesses consisting of heart disease, high blood sugar, obesity, high blood pressure and […]

How the Sahara group fought to prevent a e-book about its commercial enterprise being published

On 30 November a desperate Sahara went knocking at the doorways of the perfect court, pleading formore time to refund its investors. The apex court docket had already upheld a SAT directive ordering refund of Rs 24,029 crore to 29.6 million investors. Sahara had been driven right into a nook […]